Half Life 2: Stereo 3D Panoramic Landscape

One of my earlier attempts(for shame never shared until now) , back in 2010(wow that long!) you can view and download the image on Nvidia 3D Vision Live site

Essentially I was creating the panoramic images from Half Life 2: Episode 2, and it suddenly dawned on me, what if you could genrate two slightly offset(i.e 6cm) panorama’s and then stitch them Side by side(SBS)? Unique Stereo 3D panoramic’s , this came about with the JPS high res hack for nVidia 3D vision (increase resolution and quality for the stereo screenshot)

so the process

1) Capture screenshot from game(manually move the camera to capture a 360 degree panorama, not with fraps but with 3D Vision screenshot key (F1)

2) Batch rename the .jps images to .jpg(use any good batch renaming programme or the ‘ren’ dos command!), save in a Folder(call it Folder_Pano)

3) Create a Photoshop action to split the side by side image into a RIGHT and LEFT frame, each it’s own image, save(i.e so ImageX1 becomes ImageX1_Right & ImageX1_Left)

4) Run a batch command in Photoshop on the folder( Folder_Pano) containing all the unsplit SBS images

5) You should end up with images with either a _right or _left prefix, seperate these into two folders

6) Run AutoGiga Pano on the images from the Left folder, save as Pano_Left(don’t autocrop!)

7) Run AutoGiga Pano on the images from the right folder, save as Pano_right (don’t autocrop!)

8) Now the tricky part, you have to crop the images(keeping the same size) in photoshop and align them manually, once that is done(use layers and change opacity to get a better idea)

9) Open the left image, increase canvas size by 100% to the right, then copy and past the right image into the empty right side, save then rename as a .jps

10) Check in 3D vision,

The process is not perfect and often fails if either autogiga pano create different sized panorama’s from the images, or the panorama is actually a true panorma(i.e full 360 view as opposed to a 270/180 degree view)

The full resolution(5k by 1k) is available here….

I’ve tried a few more but they don’t work as well as the HL2:EP2  image above, more experimentation is needed!


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