Sinkholes, Swalletholes & Cenotes: Part 2

Playing Skyrim it was great to see how the interior of the cave environments have been adapted to give a more connected feel tot he environment outside, Fallowstone Cave(there be giants in there careful….) is a great example, some lovely examples of Cenote type, and natural environment features in there.

Skyrim ‘s caverns definitely have a much more natural feel compared to Oblivions, cracks in the caverns walls, collapsed cavern roofs with sunlight pouring in(even with added tree’s above to give the impression that the caves are connected to the outside world,  underground rivers ruining through the caves disappearing into inaccessible  low cave systems, all show a much more considered design of the subterranean environments of Skyrim. Well done Bethesda, not perfect, but a great improvement over the last TES 4 nonetheless.

For those interested, the above image was stitched in AutoGiga Pano(take screenshots, manually moving the camera with a 30-50% overlap) then stitch and adjust(levels, vibrance etc.. in PS CS5)

High resolution original(7kX2k) can be downloaded from

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