ShadowMoss Island {WIP} Update

Introducing my new map, ‘ShadowMoss Island’ in part of my PhD research on Natural Environment Design in Games….. Emphasis is on the design of the natural environment using geology, environmental psychology, landscape aesthetics, character assessments etc.. to inform a new framework….

Built using a combination of hand modelling(rather than using worldmachine/geocontrol a sa start) then importing back into geocontrol/worldmachine to create the surface colour texture…..then adding aerial photo data to the hi-res terrain texture….. I really wanted an environment that reflected the complexity of a real landscape, steep narrow mountain paths, collapsed limestone caverns(caldera) that all interconnect from a forest the beach via a sea cave (the voxel tool is amazing, although does need refinement), there are multiple paths around that connect , which hopefully will entice you to explore the environment for alternative/interesting routes….

The whole island was kept small for a reason, as I know the biggest issue with natural environment design is the issue of creating huge environments that are next to impossible to finish to a good quality, the initial core are is normally great but the rest gets ignored….

Realy happy with how my vision is matching up to the actual build, big thanks to the Crydev team for making such a powerful environment toolset, and allowing free open use….

todo:, finish off terrain, add rocks/veg layer, waterfalls/rivers, atmospherics(fog, wind etc…)

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