The Witcher Panorama Collection

Title: The Witcher
Platform: PC-Win
Developer: CD Projekt RED STUDIO, Publisher: Atari, Inc (2007)

CD Projekt Red Studio’s The Witcher demonstrates a very unique set of natural environments. Perhaps it’s the specific colour palette of the flora, or the glittering overcast thunderous skies which are wonderfully striking that seem to be reminiscent of the Scottish and Welsh landscapes. The late summer evening feel in the landscape above has an almost palatable feel of dread. A calm and beautiful sunset is often considered to be ian dylic setting, however in The Witcher’s case, there is a creeping fear that something unpleasant is about to occur, akin to the opening of the horror film Jeepers Creepers 2, in which a yong boy is suddenly chased across a field by a demonic creature disguised as a scarecrow that comes to life, in what originally appeared as a tranquil field setting against a late summer sun.

You can get the ultra high res images via my minus page(either single or all zipped)


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