Gulpiyuri beach- A Strange Inland Beach

One would normally expect a beach to form on the coast, which for the most part is true, until you see Gulpiyuri Beach, located on the Northern |Coast of spain, this amaxing beach is actually in the middle of a meadow, located some disdtance from the actual shore. The beach itself is pretty small, but wonderfully archtypcal, clean sand, and crytal clear waters, this amazing marvel is a real treasure for those wanting to find unique real locations to inpire thier natural environment design.

The beach is a natural focal point, it will instatly draw attention once discovered, one can imagine finding this beach and even from a distance (althout Gulpiyuri is actually quite tucked away) wanting to investigate the space, and once on the beach the lure of exploring the rock formations and any caves within would be too great, what a amazing natural space….

I am planning of recreating this within ShadowMoss Island(my CryEngine 3 SDK map)…would be an interesting design consideration to evolve this concept rather than create a virtual facsimile

You can view an amazing 360 panorama via here

EDIT: You can also take a look via Google StreetView The view shows you how far the beach actually is from the coast….

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