The poisonous Blue Lagoon……

The beautiful Blue Lagoon located not in some far away tropical island but….in a disused quarry in the Harpur Hill, Buxton, UK. This beautiful lagoon despite it’s clear blue water, is actually toxic, with a Ph level close to bleach! The lagoon is also filled with all the debris you would expect ona rubbish tip… abandoned car wrecks, plastic bottles, and general household rubbish(which is clearly visible in some of the pics below…) Despite this and the warning signs indicating how polluted and toxic the water is, people including families were and still are flocking to the site to bathe in the toxic water…

Why you ask would someone want to swim in toxic water ? Well I think this clearly demonstrates an innate desire to feel, touch and be a part of these unique landscapes, regardless of the danger(although I wouldn’t recommend taking children into it…), why would a family travel 20 miles to spend a day in a place that would potentially make them ill? Stupidity, boredom? Perhaps, or simply that there is something magical, and mysterious about an abandoned blue lagoon in the middle of nowhere…something that reaches into both children and adults hearts and makes them want to risk their health in order to simply play and interact with something they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to…

The blue and turquoise water gets it colour from the caustic chemicals in the quarry stone…

The council is considering it’s options including filling in the lagoon, however I’m proposing they do something a little more creative…why not clean the lagoon? drain it, and refill it (with clean blue water!) to turn this into an attraction. Wonders like these are far and few between and in many ways this reminds me of Gulpiyuri beach in Spain, a natural wonder hidden away that has become a tourist attraction. Spaces like this help us all, especially those who ordinarily shy away from the natural environment connect and appreciate the wonders and impact of natural landscapes, and for the council to recognise this would be a great first step (Buxton is a beautiful place to visit btw….)

I could imagine with a few tree’s planted around the banks, and a few outcrops of stone added for dramatic effect, once cleaned this would be an amazing wonder (although a man made one…) and if properly managed a new habitat for local wildlife…

You can view the google map link here

I’m tempted to drive to Buxton and photograph the lagoon and try and capture whats draws people to this toxic lagoon…


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