Jacobs Well

According to http://jacobswellspring.org/ “Jacob’s Well is one of the most significant natural geologic treasures in the Texas Hill Country. It is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas and an artesian spring. Jacob’s Well surges up thousands of gallons of water per minute and acts as headwaters to the beautiful Cypress Creek that flows through Wimberley, sustaining Blue Hole and the Blanco River, recharging the Edwards Aquifer, and finally replenishing estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico

What’s intriguing about this rare ‘well’ is the fear and the excitement that are both evoked looking at the well. One could imagine feeling the fear of falling into the abyss (essentially an irrational fear since the entire system is submerged underwater)  if swimming towards the well in the creek, coupled with excitement  of discovery of what lies beneath at the same time . Jacobs well is most definitely what I would described as  ‘geomorphosite‘ a term I came across looking to best describe specific natural geological phenomena that could be added to virtual environments/landscapes to bring a sense of ‘Placelessness’  at specific locations. Although the term is used in relation to actual physical geological landforms, I believe the term is still highly relevant and applicable to the virtual world design.  

According to geomorhology “Geomorphosites are geomorphological landforms that have acquired a scientific, cultural/historical, aesthetic and/or social/economic value due to human perception or exploitation (Panizza, 2001). They can be single geomorphological objects or wider landscapes and may be modified, damaged, and even destroyed by the impacts of human activities. The value of geomorphosites is poorly known to the public and to scientists from other disciplines.



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